Precious Pet Paintings Partner Rescue Highlight: Ohio Westie!

Precious Pet Paintings, as a legacy to artist Suzanne Renaud, is committed to supporting animal rescues worldwide. We would like to celebrate and highlight our partner rescues and share with you some of their heartwarming stories. 

Meet Ohio Westie, aka, West Highland White Terrier Club of Northern Ohio (WHWTCNO), and a brave little puppy named Ariel. WHWTCNO is an all-volunteer organization that exists for the sole purpose of preserving and protecting the breed by educating the public and rescuing Westies in need.
Princess Ariel: Ariel was left at a local Ohio shelter in January. Her previous family was unable to treat a painful, itchy, and debilitating fungal infection that sadly covered most of her body and led to her losing 95% of her fur.

Lucky for little Ariel, help came just in time. 
WHWTCNO stepped in and after just a couple of weeks Ariel made great progress thanks to Malaseb baths and an intense course of antibiotics.
Her sweet personality and patience won over the shelter staff who, according to their testimony, cried to see her leave.
Tears of joy too, I’m sure, as Ariel - who earned the name “Princess Ariel” - was adopted by a wonderful family. With a few diet changes and medication she is thriving, and as you can see from the picture below, living up to her royal title. Our hats go off to you WHWTCNO, thank you for all you do for this sweet and sassy breed!
For further information about Ohio Westie, please see their website at or their Facebook West Highland White Terrier Club of Northern Ohio!
Fun Westie tidbits:
Historically, our beloved Westies were bred to clear out mines, farms, and barns of rats or other vermin, meaning they had to be hardy, determined, fearless, driven, stubborn, courageous, and resolute. Of course any Westie owner would attest that these traits are still reflected in the Westies we know and love today!
The breed’s popularity dates back to the 1800s, when Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm of Poltalloch, Scotland favored the white coated Westies as a way of differentiating his hunting dogs from foliage and other animals.
A hardy topcoat with a soft undercoat helped the original Westies serve their purpose, as the top coat shedded the dirt and debris, while the bottom coat kept the canines warm.
Furthermore, when burrowing underground to flush out game, Westies needed to be able to squeeze through some tight spots, and it was their bullet-shaped bodies and thinner, heart-shaped thoraxes that helped them wriggle through underground caverns to chase after rodents. 
Here at Precious Pet Paintings animals are very dear to us. Please remember that 10% of all sales are donated to rescue organizations.